About Us

PPS Security Guard Patrol Company, is your source for piece of mind for property, equipment, inventory, materials and vandalism prevention. We have been securing the Olympia, Washington and the surrounding Thurston County area for over 30+ years! We believe that each client is unique and together as a team we find the right solutions to fit their needs. We provide our clients with knowledge, professionalism, personal service and attentiveness. Our "no nonsense" approach and commitment to service is our key to success. We understand that the main consideration of loss or vandalism is vigilance. We offer an alternative to traditional security services. All the vigilance without the cost of traditional security services. We offer on-site surveillance services for a wide range of facilities including; warehouses, automobile dealerships, construction job sites, corporate, residential and public spaces.

It is always a concern to balance costs in a difficult and competitive economy. The potential unexpected incurred costs of lost of property, equipment or vandalism is not worth the gamble. At the same time, having a reliable, professional, cost effective solution is a phone call away to Executive Building Patrol. As a family owned and operated business, we believe in personalized service and attention. We believe in treating our clients like family and that means learning what your concerns are and being attentive to them as we establish long term relationships. Running your business should be your main concern, so when your staff is done for the day and leaves to go home, you will have peace of mind that P.P.S security Patrol will be there for you.

Our Mission


We are committed to ensuring safe, secure, and efficient operations


A highly motivated, fully diverse, and thoroughly trained workforce


Strong and reliable performance, with open communications

Our Philosophy

It's Important to us, to ensure the saftey of what you treasure the most. We pride ourselves on the principle of "Securing All You Value".

PPS Security Guard Patrol Company is recognized as an independent supplier of security services in the Olympia Washington and surrounding Thurston county area.   The overriding objectives of the company are to consistently provide our customers with the highest possible standard of service.  

To consistently supply an individual service to clients at an affordable rate while ensuring our employees are equally valued and continuously feel part of an organization that values them.  

Theories on Video Survellience

security camera

Secure that Chain of Strength Do not let your investments be put in jeporady by allowing your guard to be down. While taking all precautions and adding in an alarm and camera system to your premisses, make sure you complete the circle of security by adding PPS Security Guard Patrol Company.

The reality is that security cameras can definitely be a helpful addition to your existing home or business security system, as long as you have a solid alarm system in place already. On their own, security cameras simply cannot replace a robust and complete system.

Disadvantages of Closed Circuit Television Cameras(CCTV) are incompatibility, inaccuracy, privacy, cost and sensitivity. CCTV cameras are very expensive to install, and the total cost of installation can stretch the budget of institutions. Also, CCTV cameras usually are not able to display every square inch of a business or facility, hence giving inaccurate evidence in case of a crime.

Invasion of privacy could result in legal liability. This is especially true if you record audio with the video, or if you place cameras in bathrooms and dressing rooms. Videos taken are often grainy and blurred, so even if a crime was committed, you wouldn't be able to tell who it was.

Can’t stop robberies in progress. Cameras may beable to capture footage so you can receive justice in court, but they can’t stop a robbery in action. They do not alert police like an alarm system does. Which means, even with the perpetrator behind bars, you’ll still have intangible losses to deal with, such as the goodwill lost when customers no longer feel safe, and the time wasted in court, making insurance claims and reordering stolen inventory and repair of damged property.

Intangible evidence. Most thieves will do everything they can to hide their identity while doing a misdeed. If the perpetrator is masked and hooded, the footage picked up by a security camera can prove worthless in an investigation. Leaving an investment loss, in a camera system.

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